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Q. What does GEM-IPL stand for?

A. GEM-IPL stands for Geometrical Energy Management- Intense Pulsed Light

Q. What is the difference between GEM-IPL technology and the laser technology?

A. Both laser hair removal and GEM-IPL are considered safe and effective hair removal solutions.                                           

The main technological difference between the two is that laser uses one specific wavelength of light while GEM-IPL uses a full spectrum. This means that unlike lasers, which can only deliver a wavelength, GEM-IPL can release lighth over a wide wavelength range. That is why the GEM-IPL is a faster hair removal solution than laser, as it can be used over larger areas of hair at a time.                  

When GEM-IPL was developed to treat skin conditions, patients observed hair loss as a result. As its original creation was dedicate towards protection and treatment of the skin, GEM-IPL is a very safe method by which hair loss can be achieved. 

Q. Is the GEM-IPL technology safe?

A. Hadar's glow uses the most advanced IPL technology called GEM-IPL (Geometrical Energy Management-Intense Pulsed Light).

This technology is approved by the:

CE MDD                  Intl. Medical Standard

FDA                         US Safety Standard

ISO-13485              Med. Production STD

IEC 60-601-1           Medical Safety STD

CFS Gov.                  Health Approval

CSA                          Can. & US Safety App

TGA                          Australian Health STD

Q. What does GEM-IPL specialize in?

A. The GEM-IPL treatments are often referred to as photo rejuvenation, Photofacial or IPL Photofacial due to its use of "selective photothermolysis" during treatment. 

Photothermolysis is the process by which IPL lasers convert light energy to heat energy, thereby treating unwanted hair and skin pigments. 

IPL lasers can use photothermolysis to remove unwanted hair and to correct skin hyper pigmentation, rosacea, age spots, and the appearance of sun damage, as well as to remove the appearance of vascular capillaries, known as "spider veins."

Q. Is the GEM-IPL treatment painful?

A. No it is not. You may feel a slight tingling or stinging sensation. Most people describe the procedure as comfortable and painless. 

During the treatment, a small hand piece will be used to touch your skin with flashes of light. Prior to the treatment, a gel will be applied to protect your skin from the direct contact of the hot handle. 

Hadar's glow uses the GEM-IPL patented technology, which has its unique way to deliver energy to a predetermined target. Unlike other IPLs and lasers where the energy is scattered on the skin, the GEM technology manages to concentrate the bulk of the energy in a geometrical plane positioned under the skin. This precise positioning enables a selective targeting of hair follicles, pigments, vascular lesions, acne, etc.

Due to the concentration of the energy, there is no need to overload the skin with excessive energy like in many other systems. This makes the treatment efficient, but at the same time painless and gentle to the skin.

Q. How many GEM-IPL treatments are required for permanent hair removal?

A. Seven to ten treatments are required. Hadar's glow's specialists will be able to further advise you, taking your hair and skin type into consideration when recommending treatment.  

There are three phases of hair growth. During the Anagen phase, or the active growing phase, there is enough melanin in the hair bulb to permanently destroy the hair follicle. About 1/3 of hair at any given time is in the Anagen phase. Therefore, only about a third of the hair follicles are ever in the active growing phase at any one time and thus able to be targeted by the GEM-IPL.    

Q. Is the hair removal permanent?

A. GEM-IPL offers the most advanced and permanent reduction of hair growth of all the treatments currently on the market. It is great at permanently destroying most of the targeted hair follicles. 

Most people will see complete hair reduction with no re-growth. Some people will get effective hair reduction with each treatment and with very little re-growth after the course of treatment is done. In some cases, a yearly maintenance treatment will be required.  Any re-growth of hair will be weaker, thinner, and lighter, due to the damage of the hair follicles.

Q. What body parts can GEM-IPL treat?

A. All areas of the face and body can be treated with GEM-IPL.

It is a fantastic and effective solution for both men and women.  

Q. Can GEM-IPL be used on all skin and hair types?

A. Yes, most skin and hair type can be treated by GEM-IPL. 

-For hair removal treatments:                                                                                                                                                                       

The darker the hair color, the more permanent hair follicle destruction is possible. This is because GEM-IPL targets the increased concentration of melanin pigment (the color) deep down in the base of the hair follicle, more than just the hair shaft.  The darker the hair root, the more melanin there is, meaning that more heat-thermal energy is delivered by the GEM-IPL, resulting in permanent destruction.  

The darker the hair color on a lighter skin, the faster results you'll notice. Lighter hair on darker skin can be treated, though may required more sessions.

-For skin rejuvenation, vascular and acne treatments: 

Most skin colors and types can easily be treated.

Q. Can peach fuzz be treated for permanent hair removal?

A. Peach fuzz hair, which, in clinical terms, is called Vellus hair, is a very fine, thin, light colored hair that covers parts of the body and face. Peach fuzz hair can be quite common on a woman’s face, and although sometimes only visible in direct sunlight or under close examination, it can still be a bothersome condition to many. 

In both IPL and laser technology's hair removal, the goal is to damage the hair follicle to the point that the hair cannot grow back. Both methods of these technologies are mainly attracted to dark colored hair, and peach fuzz hair is not dark enough. Thus, in some cases, IPL's or laser cannot treat peach fuzz properly and may only cause minimal damage to the follicles.  

The same applies for light colored hair such as blond or white as well.

It is highly recommended to consult with us about your condition, as we have successfully treated many cases with light or fine hair type.

Q. Am I too young for GM-IPL hair removal treatment?

A. Many laser or IPL hair removal specialists will offer treatment to teenagers, but will usually not treat patients younger than about twelve years of age. While the procedure is considered relatively safe, some laser or IPL hair specialists are hesitant to treat teenagers with laser hair removal procedures for a variety of reasons. The biggest hurdle is that adolescent hormones can result in rapidly growing hair even after a laser hair removal session. While the procedure will eliminate hair that is currently growing, it won't have an effect on hair that will develop in the weeks or months following treatment. Many teenagers find they need laser hair removal treatments multiple times a year to maintain the desired results.

Q. What are the possible side effects of GEM-IPL hair removal?

A. There are no known side effects with this method. However, it is normal to experience some redness of the skin.  This is not burning or blistering and should not cause alarm.  In rare cases, the redness may last for a few days, and there could be some scabbing which disappears over a short time.  Most clients will tolerate IPL with minimal discomfort and can immediately return to normal activities.